Images by Ali

~~~ Visit to Bovington ~~~


Outside the Tank Museum with W.O Ian (JJ) Jarvis, Anna and S.Sgt Stevie Rhodes.    (Image courtesy of Laura).


                       Ali touring the modern day tanks.                                                                                    As you can see Ali enjoyed every minute of the day.

Ali strapped in by JJ.                                                                               Taking an interest in the gun.

Starting the tour.                                                                                            Mum, JJ, Anna and Stevie.


~~~   Some of Ali's shots of the day.   ~~~


Anna-banananananana.                                                                                                        Dads new toy.

A powerful image.                                                                                                       Touring the tanks.

Laura my carer.                                                                           Out on the tank range.




We had a brilliant day.

Thanks JJ. Thanks Stevie. Thanks Anna.




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