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~~~ Jigsaws ~~~



 Red Flash    54 pieces                                   Appleday    70 rotated pieces                        Yamaha Dragstar    70 rotated pieces

Barge dog     70 rotated pieces             Church of St Mary    96 rotated pieces                         Tulips    96 rotated pieces


Click any image above of the Jigsaw you would like to assemble.
This will open a Download menu. Click Run to download to your Temp folder or Save to
download to a folder of your choice.
Run - A security warning will appear. Click run. The game will start automatically.
Save - Save the file to a folder. Double click the jigsaw icon in your folder. The game
will open automatically.

When the game opens, double click the image to start puzzle.

The game has help files included with directions on how to play.




Jigs@w Puzzle - create, play and send your own jigsaw puzzles!


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