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I went to your site, what an adorable person Ali is, her ability to view through her camera is amazing! I hope she continues to thrive and do well. Give her a huge hug from me, take care and thanks for sharing is it alright to post her link on board in my group??                                        Juliette

Have checked them out.. great ... thanks for sharing.. can't wait to see the next lot...!! Lorraine 

Buffy (Bev)

Wow they are brilliant, that dog who is peeking through the window, omg i wanted to cuddle him    Phoenix

Wow, I got a chance to look at the pictures even more and
I just adore them. They are just great.
I was just reading what you said about Ali and it is great that
she does something with them that she feels that it is
well worth it.
A Big  for her. Everything in there looks just great.         Carrie.

Alis story is an inspirational story that fills a person with hope.  I read the prognosis when she was born and how much Ali has achieved and wow at the awards.  My youngest has heart problems, we told her she has been replumbed a different way to everyone else now and so reading Ali's story lights up that tunnel that sometimes seems to dim.  Thank you Ali for sharing your photo's with us.  Its amazing how many heads i cut off                                       Phoenix.

What an amazing story...........My daughter also adopted two children...It takes SPECIAL people to do that....You should be VERY  PROUD of Ali...,,
She is  beautiful and very talented.......Love, Carol/Clasic

Just been reading Ali's story didn't she prove them all wrong,  non achiever I don't think so, good for you Ali.  God made us all different but equal for a reason.    Elli.

OMGosh those are beautiful pictures!!!!                                         Joyce.












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